Thursday, December 20, 2012

I see stars...

Haters can suck it, this isn't half bad at all!  I'm saddened that his Oscar chances are dead with the reception this has garnered, but I think that people are forgetting to separate the actual stage play with the theatrical version.  Tom Hooper wasn't directing a stage musical, he was directing a FILM, and there is a difference.  Javert is a rugged, earthy, gruff man.  The tone in Crowe's voice conveys that.  He doesn't need to have the same power that Jackman has.  I won't say that Crowe nails it, because that last note was strained and lacked the inflection I wanted it to, but I find no issues with Crowe's vocal register whatsoever!


  1. Thanks for this! I agree he doesn't nail it, but he's far from bad. Less than a week away! :)

    1. The final note is sad. Listening to someone like Philip Quast really points a lot of fingers at Crowe's weak spots, BUT, I still say that film and stage are different, so I reserve judgment until I see the whole film. I can't wait. I already ordered my tickets!!!