Monday, December 3, 2012

Bring it on, Santa!

December is here and I’m stoked.  The NYFCC are announced today, which will truly kick start the awards season (yes, Gothams announced their winners already, and we had the Spirits announce their nominees, but this is the real start of the season).  Tomorrow is the NBR.  This week is going to be awesome.  This month is going to be awesome.  I actually have a lot planned for the month here at the blog.  With the close of the year coming up, I have a few things I want to wrap up.  Obviously, I failed at my attempt to update my Oscar predictions before November’s end.  I was just so swamped.  Coming home from vacation and then the added mix of Holiday Weekends just left me with little time to even contemplate my Oscar predictions, and then to do them the way I wanted to was just overwhelming.


Things to look out for on the blog this month include:

Oscar prediction updates

Coverage of the critics’ awards

A new awards tally page (I decided that a designated page would work better than individual updates on the category pages)

Wrap ups of the Fisti Awards for 1991, 2009 and 2011

My Movie Alphabet (almost done with that one)

A grading page for the films of 2012

And then we’ll be on to 2013, and a whole new list of goals.  So be on the watch, for I’ll surely be posting later today, when the NYFCC announces their winners that the internet goes into a frenzy.



  1. This is my favorite season of the year - for the movies, the awards, and even the cold weather.

    Yay! I'll be updating my Oscar predictions this week. Can't wait for all of your awards coverage!

    1. Doh! And of course the holidays. Love them too. ;)