Monday, December 17, 2012

Awards Tally Updates

Winners are trickling in, and so the Awards Tally page has been updated.  The Satellites have announced their winners.  They really mean very little, but they fawned all over Silver Linings Playbook.  DDL is once again steamrolling through an awards season, and I fear that he may actually win a third Oscar.  I've yet to see Lincoln, but DDL is not an actor I feel deserves the honor of three Oscars.  BAH.  Whatever, at least Anne Hathaway is going to win on Oscar night; no doubt about it.


  1. I can actually see Lincoln winning 7 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor, which would be really boring picks.

    1. At the moment, it looks like it may. Unless ZDT really makes a serious impact, it could be Lincoln all the way. At this point, I see only Lincoln, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty as threats for the top two categories (Picture and Director). Sadly, Les Mis isn't winning either thanks to the poor reception so far, although it'll get the Best Picture nomination, and nothing is stopping Anne from winning that Oscar. Still, I think the majors will be spread between the three films I mentioned, with a potential surprise here and there.