Monday, November 19, 2012

The Actress Roundtable!

So, this year is all about Adams, Cotillard, Field, Hathaway, Hunt, Watts and Weisz.  I'm actually really shocked that Lawrence wasn't up here, since the buzz is ALL ABOUT HER right now, and honestly she has a far better shot at a nomination than Adams, Cotillard, Watts and Weisz.  Still, this is an interesting group.  Now, I don't watch these each year like everyone else, but I think I may start (bad Oscar prognosticator!). 
Field and Hathaway are obviously the most comfortable being there.  Field opens the conversation with a bang, but Hathaway uses every chance she can to get your attention and convince you that she deserves your support for her eventual Oscar.
Cotillard is nervous and struggles to put her thoughts in English and so, sadly, she comes across a little awkward.  Watts and Weisz have such sexy voices and I could listen to them talk all day long.  Hunt's face is awkward.  Hathaway's teeth are bigger now that she doesn't have hair, but god bless, I love the bitch and can't wait for her to win that Oscar! 
Amy Adams bores me.
Anyways, we all know that at least two of these actresses is getting cut from the Oscar lineup.  Weisz is the obvious one, but I'm so glad that she's even being considered at this point since her performance is still my absolute favorite of the year, regardless of category.  She was outstanding in 'The Deep Blue Sea' and really deserves the Oscar nomination.  I still think that Watts is in, and possibly Cotillard (I'm predicting it now) so I'm thinking that Amy Adams is getting the shaft come Oscar nomination morning.  'The Master' is losing a lot of steam, and she could very well suffer from that.
This runs a tad long, and they get on talking about things that are just dull, but whatever.


  1. Really? Adams out in supporting? I suppose it's possible.

    I haven't watched this one yet, but I enjoyed the Actors Roundtable. You might want to check it out.

    By the way, it seems that Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty could be a threat to Lawrence in Best Actress. Food for thought...

    1. I thought that actors roundtable wasn't happening until tomorrow? Did it already happen?

      I'm waiting on Chastain. She looks promising right now, but it would be weird for either of them to win considering that their careers are basically just starting now and neither one has truly proven any considerable range. It also saddens me that one of them will most likely win an Oscar before Carey Mulligan, who has been acting for just as long and has proven herself twice as much.

      Bias, I know.

      And yeah, I'm not feeling Adams right now. This would be her fourth filler nod, and I just don't think she can pull it off with the lackluster reception The Master is recieving right now. I think we're looking at Hoffman, Cinematography, Screenplay and possibly Phoenix for The Master. Now, if Les Mis opens to lackluster reviews and Hathaway is deemed out of the running, I could see passion forming behind Adams to give her the WIN, but if she isn't out in front, I see her betting left behind completely.

    2. Yeah, the Actors Roundtable already happened.

      After Chastain's run last year, I'd love for her to win. Carey Mulligan has 3 noms from me, so no argument there. ;)

      I'm wondering if Adams could be a young Thelma Ritter with the Academy. Or maybe she'll get nominated and just be an anomaly.