Monday, November 26, 2012

Nicole Kidman: A Top Ten

OK, so I noticed this 'acting school' today thanks to Josh over at The Cinematic Spectacle and so I decided to participate.  Nicole Kidman is one of those actresses I like more than I think I do.  I certainly don't count her in my top tier of actresses working today (reserved for the likes of Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts and the like) but as I scan over her filmography I'm taken aback by how much I actually enjoy a lot of her work.  In fact, my #1 choice would probably land in my Top Ten Female Performance of ALL TIME list (seriously, despite the fact that she loses the Fisti that year).  Anyways, while I often tease Kidman's lack of facial movement nowadays (WHY?!?!?!) I do have to admit that she was one of my first actress obsessions as a boy.  Seeing her in Batman Forever instantly stuck with me and caused me to adore and lust over her.  Yes, I thought she was hot.  Kidman does have her fair share of stinkers, more than most actresses of her caliber (I mean, seriously, why is she always chasing a paycheck?) and yet she also stretches herself more than a lot of actresses of her cailber (she loves a good indie, and she works with challenging directors quite often) so she gets extra points for that.
Without further ado, here is my top ten:
#10~Far and Away

#9~Batman Forever


#7~Portrait of a Lady

#6~The Others

#5~Rabbit Hole

#4~Moulin Rouge!

#3~To Die For

#2~Eyes Wide Shut

Kidman has a total of four Fist Award nominations, for her work in Birth, Eyes Wide Shut, To Die For and Portrait of a Lady.  She has lost all four awards (for Winslet, Sevigney, Shue and Watson respectively).  Still, they are all very worthy nominations and she comes close (as in, she makes my top twelve) for Moulin Rouge!, The Others, Rabbit Hole, Dogville and Batman Forever.  I haven't seen some of her work, like Margot at the Wedding (the whole project looked unappealing to me, and it was during a stage where I thought I didn't like Nicole Kidman as an actress) but I have seen about 90% of her films. 
Kidman has a lot of passion behind her.  She deserves it.  Polarizing is the best thing any actor or actress can be because it means that you aren't too 'likable' to lack edge but it also means that you aren't too edgy to be unlikable.  Kidman balances out the commercial with the edgy to create a body of work that any actress would be pleased to have.


  1. Dang you've seen Portrait of a Lady! That's the one film I really wanted to see for this LAMB event but it's not available to rent anywhere! Now I want to see it even more that it's on your top 10.

    1. You have to see it! Is it not on Netflix? It's $11 on Amazon. Seriously, you need to see it. I love Jane Campion, and it is very much one of her movies, so if you aren't a fan of 'The Piano' or 'Bright Star' then you may not like this though. Kidman is astonishingly good in this though.

  2. Thanks for the link! :)

    Great list! I love that you included Batman Forever. She's 2/5 for me, winning for Eyes Wide Shut and To Die For, and being nominated for Birth, Moulin Rouge!, and The Portrait of a Lady. Her performance in EWS would make my top 10 female performances of all-time list.