Friday, November 9, 2012


Good god, I feel hungover.  Got off a plane a few hours ago and I feel completely whipped, but in my head it’s the middle of the day and I’m having a terrible time trying to sleep!  Anyways, I’ve missed the blog and so I was aching to post something.  I’ve got a whole weekend of smothering my children since I haven’t seen them in three weeks practically, so while they are all on a normal sleeping schedule I figured I’d jump over here and say hello! 
Vacation was AMAZING, but long.  Europe is a big place and trying to shove half of it into one vacation got a little overwhelming in parts.  Still, they are memories I will carry with me always, so it was totally worth it.
I actually had a chance to watch a few movies on vacation, believe it or not!  I was really pissed that I didn’t have more time in France, because the local theater was playing Rust + Bone, and it would have been too cool to see that movie there, despite the fact that I doubt they had subtitles and so I wouldn’t have been able to understand a thing!  Still, I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild finally and Moonrise Kingdom and LOVED both of them a ridiculous amount.  Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of those films I think I need to see like eight more times before I truly get it, but little Wallis is a dynamo in the role and completely nails every moment.  I do agree that it is mostly a director’s movie, and so I really would love to see a surprise nomination for Behn, but Wallis is assured!  Moonrise may be Anderson’s best film ever.  God, did I love that movie.  I wish to god that Bruce Willis had a real shot at a Supporting Actor nomination.  He truly deserves it!  The way he scales his character’s inner monologue towards the film’s end was tragic yet perfectly restrained.
It was also really neat to read The Talented Mr. Ripley while traveling through Italy, since in a bizarre way I always happened to be in the same area that Ripley found himself (GREAT NOVEL).
Well, I’m back and now that I’m staring a computer screen I’m getting rather sleepy.  The kids will be up in an hour, so I’m gonna go lay down for a bit.  I’m saddened that no one responded to the Blog-a-Thon while I was gone.  I was seriously hoping that my email was going to be littered with entries upon my return, but there wasn’t a one.  Still, I may find some on Monday!  I’m crossing my fingers.  The deadline was Monday since I was planning on posting mine as well as links to all the rest on Tuesday.  That is still my plan at the moment. 
Worst case, I’ll try and write four or five!
Oh, and I really need some updates on this Oscar race.  I feel so out of the loop!


  1. Welcome back man!

    Dying to see Rust and Bone and Beasts.

    So sorry I didn't get my post emailed to you before you got back. (Just sent you the link.) I posted it on Wednesday. It's appallingly short though. :( I had a proper post, but it wasn't an Oscar nominee. I noticed the rules right before I was going to post it! So, I'll post what should've been my entry next week. :)

    Oscar updates: Lincoln is here to stay. New Les Mis trailer looks great. Skyfall gaining some momentum - at least for techs. Zero Dark Thrirty could make some noise too.

    Oh, and Cloud Atlas might be my favorite film of the year. (Seen it twice.)

    1. Thanks Josh! I saw your post on your blog after I posted this. I'm hoping to get a few more over the weekend.

      UGH, Lincoln...I have a feeling it is going to be my thorn this year.

      I have to see Cloud Atlas. I just got the book and am dying to read it (I hear it is perfection). So excited to see the film.

    2. I didn't mind War Horse, but Lincoln just Not sure how to describe it. 10+ nominations is realistic now, though.

      Hope you like Cloud Atlas, because it's very divisive. Haven't read the book, but the film was a pleasant surprise.