Monday, November 19, 2012

Is a Ewan nomination impossible?

I’ve been a fan of McGregor for years.  Since seeing him in ‘Trainspotting’, I’ve been hooked and have patiently waited for his star to rise in a way that meant total respect and admiration because, well, he deserves it.  He is approaching this moment in his career where he is really starting to be taking seriously as a talent and not just a ruggedly handsome actor who likes to bare his crotch.  The sex has faded and a true star has emerged.  Between his hilariously naïve turn in ‘I Love You, Philip Morris’ to his devastatingly sincere portrayal of Oliver in last years ‘Beginners’, McGregor is actually turning in the best work of his career as of late, and that leads me to his bid for Oscar attention this year; ‘The Impossible’.  The Supporting Actor category looks incredibly stacked this year, but much buzz has been circling around McGregor and his tear-jerking performance in the film.  I haven’t seen it, but from what I hear he is incredibly moving.  I’ve been predicting him for a while now, and it looks like his friends in Hollywood are vying for him as well.  In fact, Angelina Joliehosted a private screening of the film in support of McGregor.  So my question is this; could it finally happen?  Like I said, I’ve been hedging my bets on it for a while, but recently I’ve been losing a bit of faith.  That being said; do we remember how well Roberts’ campaigning for Bardem worked in 2010?  Yeah, it worked a lot, so maybe this could be the start of something really, really good for McGregor!
UGH, try watching this and NOT bawling your eyes out.  I haven't even seen the movie yet and this clip makes me cry like a baby.  Oscar clip to the extreme.


  1. Yeah, I'd love to see him get nominated. Bardem also had Sean Penn backing him, so celebrity support (especially from Oscar vets) can only help his campaign.

    1. I'm hoping he can pull it off. I'm excited to see the movie, and the prospects for Watts and McGregor make me happy, since they are both extremely talented and underappreciated.