Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gotham Independent Film Awards Winners!

So, last night awards season kicked off by awarding a bunch of independent films that won’t really factor into the Oscar race whatsoever, and yet they may so it’s interesting to ponder over what these awards might mean.


Moonrise Kingdom took top honors, even beating out The Master, which seemed like it could  have been a tough win.  I haven’t seen The Master yet, but I absolutely LOVED Moonrise Kingdom (Anderson’s best possibly) and so I fully endorse this win and what it may mean for the film and its Oscar chances (please be more than a mere Original Screenplay nomination).  Ensemble went to Your Sister’s Sister, which shocked me since I was pretty confident in Moonrise Kingdom winning there (since I expect it to garner a SAG nomination), or Silver Linings Playbook pulling a Descendants.  Again, I haven’t seen the winner, so I can’t judge (and there are some people thrilled about this win, so I’m thinking it was deserved).

Winner Zeitlin & Loser Wallis
As expected, Zeitlin won best Breakthrough Director.  I’ve since seen Beasts of the Southern Wild and this was completely deserved.  He was astonishingly good at pacing and constructing this independent epic.  Surprisingly, Wallis did not win Breakthrough Actror/Actress.  Instead, Emayatzy Corinealdi took top honors there for her performance in Middle of Nowhere (although she won't really factor, I added her to the Awards Tally on the Lead Actress page).  This doesn’t mean much for Wallis, since she’s still the only one listed in the Oscar race and it’s not like Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner won in their respective Oscar years, and yet they were still nominated.
Winner Corinealdi

How to Survive a Plague won Best Documentary and I’m wondering if this means I should be watching this one.  Documentary is one of the categories I always have the most trouble predicting all season, so maybe I should keep my eye on this one; although it is very common for the critics to be extremely divided on this category and go kind of all over the place.

The rest of the winners included An Oversimplification of Her Beauty winning ‘Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You’ and Artifact winning ‘Audience Award’.
Tribute winner Cotillard

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  1. Yay! I'd love to see Moonrise Kingdom get in for Production Design, Costume Design, and Score. But that's wishful thinking.

    Loved the performances in Your Sister's Sister. Definitely give it a look.