Thursday, November 29, 2012

And then there were five...

Animated films there is!  Yes, breaking the trend of three, this year the bar will be raised.  With 21 Animated Films released this year, we will see five Oscar nominees in the category.  This is pretty awesome, but I just wish that it had come in a different year.  I mean, how amazing would it have been to have this happen in 2010?  The Oscar lineup was nice, with Toy Story 3, The Illusionist and How to Train Your Dragon all deserving...but how cool would it have been to see Tangled and Despicable Me on the ballot too!
Anyways, this year we've had some decent releases, not the least of which would be Wreck-It Ralph, which I think stands a pretty good chance at winning.  The reviews have been very kind and it is certainly a crowd pleaser.  I thought, at year's beginning, that Frankenweenie had this in the bag, but the reviews were very mixed and the negative ink was at times brutal.  Still, the nomination should be really easy.
I'm thinking...
Le Tableau
Wreck-It Ralph
I'm also kind of shocked that Secret of the Wings is on there.  I was under the impression that was a direct to video release.  I had no idea it was Oscar eligible.
Personally, I don't have an Animated Film category at the Fistis, but at the moment Wreck-It Ralph is in my top five of the year, so I hope it wins!

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  1. Five slots make it interesting. I'm wondering if there could be a surprise or two here like last year. The Painting or From Up on Poppy Hill could could also sneak in.