Friday, October 12, 2012

What The Hell Blog-a-thon!

So, this is my first go at a blog-a-thon.  I hope this goes over well and I hope I can get a lot of participation.  As you can see, I only have 16 followers, so please post this on your blogs and pimp the hell out of this so that I can get more people to participate, which will obviously make this a lot more fun! 
So here is the general gist of the blog-a-thon: 
As you can see, there is a simple question asked; what the hell.  That question is being applied to an actor’s career.  Yes, this is the time where we all get to bitch and moan about the careers of actors we once loved.  It does not matter what the rest of the world thinks of this particular actor, all that matters is that YOU are not happy with the current state of their careers.  There is a hitch though, they have to be an Oscar nominee.  Winners are even more welcome, but they at least have to have been nominated once in their career.  Honestly, that is the benchmark for many actors and to watch them get such high marks and then plummet is sad.  Like I said, the rest of the world could disagree.  Look at Johnny Depp.  He has three Oscar nominations, all of which were in the aughts and one as recent as 2007.  Still, I’ve been all “WHAT THE HELL” about his career since 1998. 
Seriously, take a pick and then go to town!
So, what I want you to do is email me a link to your post.  These will all go live November 12th.  Yup, you  have a month!  Don’t forget about it, and pimp it at every turn.  Feel free to post the above banner on your blog to remind others of this blog-a-thon (and remind yourself).  Post your write-up on your blog and on the 12th (when I’m back from vacation) I’ll be compiling a list of the participants with links to their pages and, of course, post my personal pick.
Easy enough, right?
Email links to:
I can’t wait to read them all!!!


  1. Interesting blogathon. No idea who I'll pick yet. :)

    1. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Just wish I'd seen this post sooner - I better get to work quick!

  3. Ouch. This is what happens when I take time off of life. I miss interesting blogathons. It'll be tough but I'm gonna wrack my brains and write something over the weekend.

    1. That's alright, I just got off a plane and looks like no one else saw this either. That's what I get for having a small blog :-P

      If you come up with something this weekend, that would be awesome.