Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trailer Break: The Canyons

I totally love Bret Easton Ellis.  I've kind of made that clear back when I was doing that 'Adaptations' series.  He is the one author who sucked me into his world the quickest and he's never faded.  Sure, I understand that he needs to grow up, and his recent Twitter feeds have been, well, embarassing, but I still love him and all his tacky ridiculousness.  When he started pimping his new film, The Canyons, I was concerned.  I mean, it stars Lindsay 'washed up' Lohan and a porn star with a fateful name.  How could this be any good?  Honestly, it's not going to be, but if this trailer is any indication, it is going ot be a shitload of fun!

I'm in...guilty pleasure of 2013!!!

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