Thursday, October 4, 2012

One + One = Two?

So, I thought this might be fun.  Whenever I’m recommending a movie to someone I often refer to other films they’d be familiar with in order to whet their appetite.  I think we all do this.  “That movie is kind of like _______ with a little bit of ________ thrown in.”  So, I decided to review some films from 2012 using this basic format. 


Ghost World meets Dogtooth
The Snowtown Murders
Animal Kingdom meets Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
The Deep Blue Sea
The End of the Affair meets In the Mood for Love
Unbreakable meets Cloverfield
Salt meets Ocean’s Twelve


So what about you?  What films have you seen this year would you review in like manner?  How do these ‘reviews’ hold up?  If you’ve seen these films, do you think these comparisons apply?  If you haven’t seen them, do you think these comparisons are compelling to get you in front of your television screen?  Anyways; just a little fun to be had.


  1. Love this post. You should do more like it. Should be seeing The Snowtown Murders soon.

    Can't think of any off the top of my head...I'm stumped.

    1. Snowtown Murders is grissly as hell and got under my skin in a BIG way...and Daniel Henshall is at the top of my Supporting Actor ballot (another reason I really need to work up that post on the category fraud debate).

    2. Ooh, forgot about that post. Can't wait to read it!

      Also, I wish they'd stuck with the original title of "Snowtown".