Thursday, October 18, 2012


Universal has released the script for Les Miserables!

I usually make it a point of NOT reading the scripts to films I'm anticipating simply beacuse I want to be surprised on movie day, but I may have to make an acception, especially since I know this musical nearly by heart and so reading the script won't be much of a shocker.  That being said, I have NOT read the book and from what I'm hearing from friends, this is truly reworking bits of the musical to better reflect the novel. 

So, this has me thinking...could this really get in with Adapted Screenplay?  I mean, I've been skeptical of that happening because of the nature of the beast, being completely sung and basically being a transferance of songs from stage to screen, but if they've really reworked the physicality (and one friend noted there were clever touches on the song lyrics themselves) then this could really be a contender, especially if Les Miserables becomes an unstoppable force come Oscar time.

I'm thinking about tweaking that prediction come next month!


  1. I downloaded and glanced at the script. I might read it soon. It could get definitely get in.

    1. Yeah. I've always said that the only chance if had was in a sweep, but even then I was skeptical. Now, I am pretty confident that if it sweeps, it's in. If the reaction to the film is less infectious and it isn't our frontrunner come Christmas Day, then I see it missing here.