Friday, October 12, 2012

Les Miserables: Posters!!!

So the campaign for 'Les Miserables' Oscar run is in full swing.  There are many who think it will bomb, but the majority have factored in the talent involved and the strengths of the clips released and realize that 'Les Miserables' is set for total domination.  I, for one, cannot wait to see this dominate!  Now, the individual posters for the main stars in the film have been released, and I must say, I'm underwhelmed.  The marketing team here really should be fired.  The taglines, while ripped straight from the character's songs in the musical, are lackluster and somewhat uninspired.  Not just that, but the posters themselves and the pictures used are really poor.

Why couldn't they have just stuck with this:

At least the above photo is a nice play on the iconic image, and the use of reds is stunning.  This isn't a great poster, but it is a really good one.

A few weeks back they dropped the first of the 'face' posters, this time using the young actress playing young Cosette (Isabelle Allen).

I actually really like this one.  It is a modern interpretation of the iconic image and those eyes are piercing, but that tagline is gross.  It reminds me of the tacky 'Live, Laugh, Love' slogan my friends plaster on their fridge with those bulky letter magnets.  They could have come up with something so much better than this.

Still, I take this over what they eventually left us with this week.  Yes, it is now time to cast our eyes on tacky one sheets of the film's stars.

As some of my friends pointed out, this looks like a 'Twilight' poster.  Even Jackman's eyes look vampire-like.  This is just all sorts of bad.

I love Crowe.  I worship him.  Beyond that, for a heterosexual man happily married with children, I find him INCREDIBLY attractive.  He looks terrible here, and that is like the only time I've ever thought that.  He looks fake, like Bruce Willis in that awful 'Surrogates' movie.  UGH, and his tagline is tacky as hell.  I know, it's part of the song, but there are many OTHER lyrics in that song they could have used.  What about 'I Never Shall Yield' or 'Filling the Darkness'?  'I Am the Law' just feels so...TV-Cop show.

I can't fault this one too much.  I mean, it's expected, which is probably the biggest fault.  These pictures are just so uninspired and they really make the film look so average.  They almost remind me of a 'Hobbit' type advertisment...but maybe that has to do with the script as well.  The tagline is obvious, for it is her biggest moment (and the reason she's winning the Oscar) but I would have liked something more unexpected.

I hate the tagline, but this is the only picture I really love.  What would have been better is if they did the same stance as the young Cosette and had them parallel one another in that way, but whatever.  You can see the likeness, which is nice.

These are just so bland, which is not what I was wanting for the marketing here.  I wanted them to NAIL THIS.  I will say, the colors are very warm and are making me anxious for winter.  BRING ON CHRISTMAS!  Eh, regardless of how tacky these awful posters are, I want them all for my office.  Seriously, I'm going to die of hyperventalization on Christmas day.

God is starring in my favorite stage musical of ALL TIME.

I win at life!


  1. Yeah. The first one is much better than these new ones. Tagline for looking at the posters: "Look down, don't look them in the eye."