Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fisti Updates

I tried to have the writing categories finished to post alongside my Predictions Updates, but they weren't ready.  They are now though, so shimmy on over to the 1991, 2009 and 2010 Fisti Pages to see my selections.  The Supporting acting categories should be up tomorrow!


  1. Interesting that your 1991 picks match with the Academy's. Nice to see The Lovers on the Bridge mentioned, and I really need to see Dogfight.

    Thrilled to see In the Loop nominated and the Millennium Trilogy mentioned. I prefer the Swedish Dragon Tattoo and Rapace, and I'm a fan of the entire trilogy.

    Love the mention of Coriolanus. Beginners, Certified Copy, and A Separation make my lineup too. Great choices.

    1. Lovers on the Bridge was VERY close to getting in. I love Dogfight, as you can tell...such an unexpected surprise of a film.

      I prefer Fincher's film to the Swedish series. It's all about atmosphere to me, and Fincher directed the hell out of that film. That said, Rapace was amazing. I won't say anymore...just wait for Lead Actress ;-)

      UGH, Beginners is turning into a sweeper here. It just nabbed three awards! Honestly, my love for the film is growing as I'm doing these awards.