Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fisti Awards Update

I posted the Lead Actor and Lead Actress ballots for 1991, 2009 and 2011.  They are on their respective Fisti Awards pages.  These will be the last updates until I return from vacation.  Enjoy and feel free to comment.  I'd love to hear what you think, who you nominate and who you're dying to see! 


  1. Ok. I'm going with a Dogfight/My Own Private Idaho double feature soon.

    Interesting Actress tie. My only tie is in Best Actor - Casey Affleck and Matt Damon for Gerry - for similar reasons.

    Hardy went a bit overboard for me, but I did love the performance overall. I'm at least nominating him for TDKR this year though.

    NOOMI RAPACE! Awesome!! She'd be my winner for that year (for the trilogy), but I can't bring myself to switch her nomination from 2010. The trilogy was eligible for the main Oscar categories in 2010, so she, unfortunately, loses to Natalie Portman.

    Love the Rahim/Gainsbourg noms too.

    Binoche wins! That just made my day. I was right about guessing your Actress lineup. At least I guessed one (Olsen) right, ;)

    1. YES, do the double feature. Both films are great!

      I debated that tie over and over, and if I had a gun to my head I'd probably chose Davis, but I didn't so I went with both :-P

      I thought Hardy was perfectly overexagerated. I just really felt completely entertained and consumed by his character. Surprisingly, I wasn't completely sold on his performance in TDKR. I was taken more by JGL and Michael Caine.

      Noomi! I know, right! I put her in '09 because all three of her films were released in their home country there, and they received a television debut as ONE miniseries, which makes her eligible to be nominated for all three as opposed to merely one film. I try to logically work out these nominations in my head. I don't allow television performances to be nominated UNLESS the movie had a theatrical release (which is why Carlos was eligable in 2010) and I don't allow someone to be nominated for multiple roles unless BOTH performances would make my top ten. With Noomi is was hard because, on their own, I wouldn't have nominated any of her performances. Each film needs the other to fully flesh her out. BUT, because all three films were released as ONE film in television, I fudged my rules and allowed her to compete for all three ;-)

      I knew you'd love the Binoche win!!!