Monday, October 1, 2012

Beasts of burden...

Alright, so this actually could be serious.  I was banking on SAG eating this up.  They usually are kinder to child actors, and so with the Globes being the starfuckers that they are I was really expecting young Wallis to get some traction with a SAG nomination, not to mention Dwight Henry snagging a mention as well (it just seemed so THEM, don’t you think).  Well, those predictions are out the window with word that the film is ineligible!  What is this going to mean for their Oscar chances?  Sure, Oscar doesn’t always line up 100%, but beings that actors vote for actors, SAG usually mirrors the final Academy ballots pretty closely, and it is with SAG that some under the radar actors pick up steam.  In fact, in recent years we saw John Hawkes, Damian Bichir and even Glenn Close get that extra step closer to Oscar nominations with SAG support.  Little Quvenzhane Wallis has been considered a near lock for the Lead Actress race, but could this wrench cost her?  I’m not so certain, but I’m pretty sure that Dwight Henry isn’t going to get anywhere near an Oscar at this point.


  1. Wallis should be OK, as long as she gets nominated pretty much everywhere else. I was never sold on Henry's chances, and I expect he won't get nominated. I really hate that I missed this in theaters.

    1. Yeah, I hate that I haven't seen this! But yeah, I didn't have Henry mentioned and didn't see much hope for him, but the one place I was sure he'd show up was with SAG. Wallis is still a pretty safe bet, but if she misses with the Globes too it could be trouble.