Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes, I'm crying right now...

For some reason I can't embed this at the moment, but watch this now!

HOLY CRAP!  I've been all over this since year's beginning and talked about how this was the one to beat, and only recently have I switched to the Argo train, but this inside look has me back to thinking that this year is ALL ABOUT LES MISERABLES.  Just watch that sneak peak.  I have chills.  I'm completely confident that this is getting nominated everywhere and it'll probably rake in the techs like crazy (those shots are beautiful).

Oh, and this is probably going to win everything at the Globes...and I'm talking Picture/Director/Sup. Actress/Lead Actor/Song...EVERYTHING. 

I'm even getting more and more excited for the prospect of Crowe gaining WIN traction, but I'll reign that in until later.

This is like the greatest day ever.



  1. SO. PUMPED. I wish we'd have gotten a clip of Crowe singing! Until the reviews and precursor awards start pouring in, I'm still not crowning it the one to beat, but I hope it's as good as it looks. :)

    1. The more they release here is just unbelievable. It looks so effortless and perfect. I'm sad that there wasn't a clip of Crowe singing, but I'm not as worried as so many seem to be. I've heard him sing, he has the barritone needed to pull this off and I don't think he would have gotten the role had he been unable to carry the part. As much as I love him, it's not like he's a box office draw or anything, and the casting process was so exact that I don't think Hooper would have said "I want Crowe even if he sounds like Pierce Brosnan!"...he only casted Crowe because the man pulled it off.

    2. Oh, I'm not particularly worried about Crowe's singing. I just wish we'd get at least a tease of it already. ;)