Friday, September 21, 2012

Trailer Drop: The Promised Land

You can't watch the trailer here.

I want to want to anticipate this, and yet I'm not entirely sold yet.  This looked extremely tonally challenged.  I'm not sure what it wants to be.  The first part of the trailer looked dark and brooding, like we want our 'end of year Oscar fare' to be and then it started to look like a comedy (a black one, obviously) before it started looking somewhat...inspirational.  Could this be one of those 'man without a soul gets one by nearly destroying a town filled with people he learns to love' type films?  Spare me.  I really like (er, liked) Damon but that Krasinski creature makes me want to punch my computer screen.  I'm on the fence here.  I took this out of my predictions yesterday (I had it in for Original Screenplay) and this trailer makes me feel like my decision was a smart one. 

Hal Holbrook does nothing here, but his face is endearing so I'll be happy to see him get some awards traction for this, but like I said, I'm not confident in anything here at this point.


  1. I still think it has a chance. I get an Up in the Air meets Erin Brockovich vibe from the trailer, which is fine with me.

    1. A lot of friends on AD have been making that same comparison. I can see it, but it still strikes me as confused. I'm sure that it'll play out differently as a whole, but that trailer was just oddly cut for my liking.