Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Oscar Predictions: Aural Categories

Sound Editing:
1)      The Dark Knight Rises
2)      Life of Pi
3)      Prometheus
4)      Looper
5)      The Avengers
Sound Mixing:
1)      Les Miserables
2)      The Dark Knight Rises
3)      Life of Pi
4)      Argo
5)      Prometheus
Original Score:
1)      Anna Karenina
2)      The Master
3)      Life of Pi
4)      Lincoln
5)      Argo
Original Song:
1)      “Suddenly” / Les Miserables
2)      “Learn Me Right” / Brave
3)      “Touch the Sky” / Brave
4)      “Celebrate” / Sparkle
5)      “From Here to the Moon and Back” / Joyful Noise
A lot of this is mere speculation, and will continue to be such until the tail end.  These categories are continually jacked up.  The sound categories are hard for me to understand so I struggle to come up with a grasp on what would factor in.  They like them loud, and so we look at this category differently, since I like hushed, eerie sound work.  Score, at this point, is really blind guessing, and Original Song will be a total clusterfuck till nomination morning, as it always is.
What do you think?  What am I missing?

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  1. Haha. You'd be better off predicting 10 Best Original Song picks. I don't know why that category is so hard to predict. I guess we can thank the voters for that. :)