Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Oscar Predictions: Animated + Foreign Film

Animated Film:

1)      Brave
2)      Frankenweenie
3)      Paranorman
4)      Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax
5)      Wreck-It Ralph
Foreign Film:

1)      Amour (Austria)
2)      A Royal Affair (Denmark)
3)      Rust and Bone (France)
4)      Barbara (Germany)
5)      Reality (Italy)


And that is all for me.  I don’t predict the shorts or the documentaries, at least not this early (I’ll do that before nomination morning).  Even this is guesswork at the moment, for the actual submissions for Foreign Language are not confirmed yet and so this could all change rather abruptly soon.  At the moment, this looks possible.

What do you think?


  1. I hope Rust and Bone can pick up two nominations, but I think voters will go for a surprise pick over The Lorax.

    Random: It's always bothered me that the Foreign Language category credits the countries and that's it. Couldn't they name the country and still officially nominate the director? It's particularly annoying when looking at IMDb, because directors who have accepted the Oscar for their foreign films aren't credited with an Oscar win. But that'll probably never change. :(

    1. Yes on the Foreign Language winner being the country and not the director. I actually just realized that back in 2010, when In a Better World won and I got excited because I LOVE Beir and was then told that she just accepted the Oscar but that she didn't actually win it. I was pissed.

    2. Same here. Technically, she hasn't even been nominated yet!

    3. Well, you know how I feel about her since you've looked through my Fisti awards. She's a nominee (in 06) and both Brothers and After the Wedding racked up some nice nominations (and wins) from me :-D

    4. She gets a win from me for Best Original Screenplay for After the Wedding, which I also nominate for Best Picture. :)

  2. If Marion Cotillard doesn't get at least a nomination, it would be a shame. She just took my breath away on the first TIFF's day and honnestly she is by far this year best actress.

    1. I have yet to see Rust + Bone, but I am waiting with baited breath for Cotillard's second nomination. Here's to hoping that it is this year. Some are saying she could actually win the Drama Globe in such a weak year, and if that happens then the nomination is almost assured. I currently have her predicted at the #3 spot, so there's that.