Friday, September 28, 2012

September is over!

Yes, September is through and it has been yet another wonderful month over here at A Fistful of Films.  These past two months have been a real blessing, and I can only hope that it will continue.  This month saw some Oscar Prediction updates (it feels like I need to make more) and the posting of the 2008 Fistis.  The next two months are going to be somewhat short for me, sadly.  I’m taking a much needed vacation and will be gone right as the awards season truly kicks off.  This is bittersweet for me (I need this vacation and yet three weeks is a long time to stay away in the heat of Oscarwatching).  Still, I hope to come home to new followers and a lot of blogging to be done!
I’ll leave the month with a few thoughts on the race. 
First, here is yet another ‘insider’s look’at Les Miserables.  Seriously, this is going to be an Oscar powerhouse.  I just want to be clear that I called the Hugh Jackman Oscar win first (and have been calling for months now, whether outright or in the vein of ‘one of two’).  This guy is taking it home in a BIG way, and these promos are pimping the hell out of his performance.  He’s going to become a total force in the next few months; just you wait and see.
Next, I heard something interesting today.  There is going to be a test screening for Alfonso Cuarón's ‘Gravity’ on Tuesday.  I don’t have a link because the source was a friend at Awards Daily Forums who is going.  I’m wondering what this is going to mean for the film and possibly the race this year.  When it was announced that the film was being pushed back until 2013, I heard rumblings that maybe this was a way to deter the film from becoming too hyped and that maybe they were going to work out the kinks and fix up the CGI and then blow us all away in December, completely taking the Oscarwatching public by surprise.  I entertained that notion because it seemed odd to push it off back in May (or whenever it was that it was officially delayed) especially when the film was finished and just basically needed to be ‘prettied up’.  I get this feeling that ‘Gravity’ may get a limited Oscar eligible run in December.  I think we should be keeping our eyes open for this one.
Did someone say Oscars?
This would especially be benificial to Sandra Bullock.  The Lead Actress race this year is pretty open.  Jennifer Lawrence is the only lock in the category, and while I don't think Sandra would beat her (she doesn't seem like a TWO Oscar kind of girl) she could easily pick up a nomination in a category that is as wide open as this one.  Early reception of the film back mid-year was really possitive, with ink dedicated towards Bullock's performance.  The questionmark hovering over that fifth spot (Mirren/Streep/Smith/Dench?) could be wrapped up in four words (OSCAR WINNER SANDRA BULLOCK) if this movie gets a December release date.
Also, ‘Life of Pi’ is getting quite the reaction.  Those tweets and reviews (catch them here) are rolling in and it is becoming a solidified contender.  I had a feeling (as you can see from my predictions bar to the right) that this was going to make it into quite a few categories, including Best Picture, and I had it pegged as one of the technical winners.  This reaction is only further proof that this is going to hit well with Oscar.  My only wonder at the moment is whether or not this will be a technical giant that sneaks in with Best Picture or if this will be another Hugo, storming the gates and coming scarily close to taking top prizes.
And…that is all for now.  The month is through and I am ecstatic to get October underway!  I’ll talk to you on Monday!


  1. Congrats on another great month of blogging! Hope you enjoy your vacation.

    That Les Mis video gives me a little more confidence in Jackman's chances. Let's face it: he's a charmer, and Joaquin Phoenix isn't. At the end of that day, that might win Jackman the Oscar, but I just want to see the film already!

    I'd love to see Gravity surprise with a December qualifying release. That would be an interesting development, for sure.

    I don't see Life of Pi as Best Picture-winner material, but I think it will get a slew of technical nods. Though I don't see it getting 10+ nominations like Hugo, it's certainly possible.

    1. UGH, I know, right! I've never wanted Christmas to come so badly. I may just have to see this a few times that day!