Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fisti Awards Update...

Just a heads up that the visual categories for the 2008 Fistis have been posted.  The aural categories should be up by Friday and then we're on to 1991 and 2009.  I'm having a little bit of a delema at the moment with 2011, which I want to finish but am desperate to see a particular film first.  The problem is, the film hasn't been released yet and there is no date listed on Netflix.  The film is Pina, one that has been on my MOST ANTICIPATED list since I first heard of it back in early 2011.  I missed it when it hit the arthouse theater near me, but I stupidly assumed it would make it to DVD.  Now here it is nearly 2013 and it hasn't been released yet.  It has been released on DVD overseas, and they have it avaliable on Amazon for purchase, but some reviews note that the regions are different and that it won't play on all DVD players.  WHAT TO DO?!?!?!  Part of me is wanting to take the chance and just buy the damn thing.  If anyone knows where I can find this, even if it's a download, please let me know.  I must see this ASAP!!!!


  1. YAY! The Brothers Bloom makes your costumes and art direction lineups!

    I need to see The Fall, and I have a copy of Blindness I haven't watched yet.

    Nice to see VCB in cinematography, and the win go to Let the Right One In.

    Sorry, I've no idea where you can find Pina. I haven't seen it myself. If you can't find a Region 1 DVD for the US/Canada or an All Regions copy, then you need an all-region player for a foreign disc.

    1. UGH, this hunt for Pina is going to kill me!

      Blindness is kind of a bad movie. The novel is a masterpiece, but it didn't translate all that well.