Friday, September 21, 2012

Fisti Awards Update

AND...the acting categories for 2008 are up!!!  Check them out on the awards page.  Let me know what you think.  Who am I snubbing (Penn, Hawkins...yup, I know what you're going to say) and which nomination shocks you the most (Reilly, or maybe Butterfield)?  I'm in love with these nominations, and yet there were so many I wished I could have nominated.  This was one of those years where I wished that I had stuck with my original idea of 6 nominees per category instead of the typical 5.

I'll be expounding on these categories next week.


  1. I loved Rachel Weisz in The Brothers Bloom. Liked Tomei, but I need to rewatch The Wrestler.

    Amalric is my #6, but he's a worthy winner. Love that Ralph Fiennes gets two mentions.

    Butterfield is quite the surprise, but I'm thrilled that Colin Farrell got a nomination! The Fassbender "snub" is a bit of a shock, which is probably because he's my winner. :)

    YAY! KST wins! She's my runner-up behind Binoche. Also, I really need to dig up my copy of Wendy and Lucy and finally watch it. Glad to see Rebecca Hall's mention, even though she's my supporting winner.

  2. Wasn't Weisz amazing! I wish more people would embrace her and that film in general.

    Butterfield is one of my favorite child performances of the aughts, easily. Such a moving and complex and complete portrait.


    Fassbender is snubbed mostly due to the fact that I can't get a handle of where I really think he should be placed. He's not really in the film that much. He's like NOT in the first half at all. He makes a great impression, which is why I did place him lead, but if I had put him in supporting he probably would have won. But then again, who does he support...McQueen?

    1. I'll try to watch Wendy and Lucy this week.

      Yeah, Fassbender isn't in it until basically the second half, but, by the end of the film, I think he's the lead. That is a tough classification though.