Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A French fuck-up?

I am going to say this in pure bias and blind ranting since I have seen NEITHER of these films, but I’m a little stunned that France chose ‘Intouchables’to be their Oscar horse this year and not ‘Rust + Bone’.  Yes, ‘Intouchables’ is a surprise hit overseas and managed to rake up some serious awards attention last year when it beat out ‘The Artist’ in the Lead Actor category at The Cesar Awards, but ‘Rust + Bone’ just seems so much more prestigious, and the reviews for it this year have been rather impressive.  I know that Harvey Weinstein is behind this, and so it should be expected (and it is rather popular to hate on him) but I really thought that ‘Rust + Bone’ had a serious chance at getting in with Oscar this year.  It reminds me a little bit of when Italy opted NOT to go with ‘I Am Love’ for their Oscar submission back in 2010, but then again, the audience reception of ‘Intouchables’ has been extremely good.  This is one of those generic heartwarming feel good movies, and the United States of A have already greenlit the remake with Colin Firth (originally rumored to be Dustin Hoffman) in the starring role. 

And this brings me once again to the lavish Marion Cotillard.  Does this hurt her Oscar chances this year?  I know that she is still in a good position, but I was also banking on overall reception of the film to bolster her chances, and a Foreign Language Film nomination would have given her a boost for sure.  That said, Penelope Cruz managed a nomination in 2006 despite ‘Volver’ being snubbed in the Foreign Language Film category, so it could happen.  This may make Riva a bigger threat, and I may be underestimating her impact on the race (we’ll see once the critics’ awards roll in) but for now I’m keeping Cotillard in my predictions. 


She has to make it, right?


  1. This is a bit of a headscratcher, but The Intouchables does have more commercial appeal. I think the Academy will probably nominate it. Also, this might strengthen Cotillard's chances for actors who want to reward the film, but it could have the opposite effect.

    1. Upon reflection, this was probably smart for France since the film is such a crowd pleaser it'll probably WIN the Oscar. That said, I think it hurts Marion since Oscar voters won't feel compelled to see her film. It's hard for a foerign film to break into major categories unless there is a serious push, and if Rust + Bone had become France's submission then voters would feel a need to watch it. She could still happen, considering how shallow the pool is for nominees this year, but I'm in fear of her getting the shaft for someone like Meryl Streep.

    2. I think/hope she'll get in, but she could be this year's Tilda Swinton.

    3. I'm sticking with her at the moment. I'm shakey on Smith, actually, but I think that she's had such an incredible year that they'll want to reward her for her good fortunes. If not her, than Streep or maybe even Mirren if she goes Lead for Hitchcock. There needs to be someone over 50 in the lineup!