Friday, August 24, 2012

Some random movie stuff...

Alright, so this is the post where I can dump some thoughts I have on some recent movie related news.  I don't have much to say on either subject and so they don't really warrent their own posts, so let's just get on with it.

First up, for all you De Palma fans, a teaser trailer for his latest film 'Passion' is out.  The film is premiering at TIFF and so this is the official TIFF trailer for the film.  It looks steamy, that's for sure.  I'm not entirely sold, considering that I'm not a giant fan of anyone involved here.  The last thing I would call myself is a De Palma fan, but I do respect his approach and have really enjoyed some of his classic films, but he can veer on the trashy side at times and this certainly is ripe for that to happen.  McAdams has been supposed to 'happen' for a while now, and she just never has.  Rapace is new to this game.  I loved what she did in 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' series and so I'm excited to see what she can do here, but there is something about the tone of her voice that doesn't read sexy to me.  I mean, it reads SEX, just not sexy.  I want to see this.  Some of my friends who have an objective view of De Palma say this looks like a return to form and like serious fun, so I'm game.

How about you?

Next up are these god-awful pictures from the set of that needless remake of De Palma's classic 'Carrie'.  LOL, how was that for a segue?  Anyways, I was very vocal before about my feelings on this happening, and these images don't instill any more confidence in me.  Seriously, why is this happening?  Moore looks particularly atrocious here.  She looks like a zombie, and that hair is as dull as the expression on her face.  She looks like she walked off the set of 'Blindness' and onto this one.  Sorry, two VERY different films.  Please tell me that they are making this a camp film (judging from Moretz picture, that could be the case) and maybe I'll be more excited.  I'd rather have them try to ruin it then ruin it accidentally.

And please stop trying to make that Chloe Moretz creature happen.

Oh, and then we have the poster for 'Lincoln'. 

I'm not really excited about this mainly because it sounds like it could be a tad boring, and Daniel Day-Lewis is maybe too right for the role, if that makes any sense.  There just doesn't seem to be much imagination here and usually, when a biopic is too obvious, it becomes stuffy and lifeless and dull.  Still, this poster is magnificent and really eye catching.  One thing this does tell me though is that the push for Day-Lewis come Oscar time is probably going to overshadow his co-stars.  I mean, this movie is apparently all about one thing, getting Day-Lewis another Oscar.  Sorry Sally, sorry Strathairn...I don't think you're happening this year.

And last but not least, apparently Martin Scorsese is getting sued.  I kind of LOL'd at this mainly because I have heard so much bitching over the fact that Scorsese has been sitting on this project for years now and finally apparently more important people are pissed about it too.  I have not read 'Silence' and really know nothing about it, but apparently the novel is amazing (I just ordered it from Amazon) and many cinephiles are aching for Scorsese to direct this.  Maybe this will push him to do so, although he has that boring sounding Wall Street DiCaprio project lined up next. 



  1. I'm slightly optimistic about Passion and Carrie, but I'm more worried about Carrie.

    By the way, I really hope Daniel Day-Lewis doesn't win a third Oscar for Lincoln. I don't care if he's my pick for Best Actor at year's end. I just don't think he needs a third. (Incidentally, he'd be 1/1 with me for My Left Foot, and that's it.)

    Yeah, that Scorsese lawsuit made me LOL. :)

    1. LOL, I like DDL, but I also find him highly overrated. I don't know if I give him any wins. Possibly in 86. I loved his work in 'Room With a View', and since I give Caine the win in 66 for Alfie I could spare giving him the boot for DDL...but I'm still not sure about that. He certainly doesn't need 3 Oscars.

      I'm interested in Passion to a degree, and even Carrie (if nothing else to see it burn) but I'm torn because I really want Peirce to be brilliant again. I am totally in LOVE with her debut film (Boys Don't Cry) and loathed that crap she gave us a few years ago (Stop-Loss) so I just want her to be great again.

    2. You give Caine the win over Burton? Hmm... ;-) DDL was great in A Room with a View, but Caine is almost immovable as my winner that year.

      Never saw Stop-Loss. I'll give it a chance, though, at some point.

    3. I love Burton, but Caine is AMAZING in Alfie. Besides, that isn't even Burton's best work, which came in 64 with Night of the Iguana (where he earns his Fisti).

      And don't give Stop-Loss a is GOD-AWFUL.

    4. WHAT? I love Burton's and Caine's work, but Burton's best work for me is in Virginia Woolf. Night of the Iguana is a close second though. (YAY! on the Fisti.)

      Haha. I'll still probably give Stop-Loss a chance, but it won't be for some time.