Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Celebrity Couple News...

I actually lost sleep last night.  I know, I know, it's really stupid but I'm kind of obsessed with Teen Mom and the finale was on last night and the promo for the Dr. Drew tell all came on afterward and Maci says that her and Kyle aren't together anymore and my heart dropped and it even looked like she said he cheated on her and I WAS DEVESTATED.  UGH, I know they aren't movie stars, but they are celebrities sort of and they are so freaking cute together.  I feel like a teenage girl right now.  Not sure why I care so much, but I do care because with a show like Teen Mom you kind of feel like you get to know theses PEOPLE and they are just perfect for each other.  So, I was upset.  My wife laughed at me and tole me I was retarded, but I was seriously concerned.

So I got up this morning and had to buzz the internet on more information.  Thankfully, Kyle didn't cheat.  That was the first bit of good news.  Then I was happy to learn that Kyle still sees Bentley!  That made me really happy.  I saw hope for the two of them afterall.  Then I read that Maci sees a future for the two of them, and I smiled a little.  But, I actually jumped for joy (not really, but inside I did) when I saw that they are actually BACK TOGETHER!!!

LOL, so...that was my day so far.  At least it had a happy ending!

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  1. Never seen Teen Mom, but I'm glad your day started off with good news. ;-)