Monday, August 20, 2012

More issues on the Gatsby front.

I totally understand that this film may be a giant mess, and most movie watchers are kind of expecting it to be just that, but I was really, really looking forward to this.  Moving it to next year was a sore spot for me, because I basically planned my entire Christmas around the release of the film.  So, now there are more issues noted.  Apparently Baz needs more money and he's not getting it unless he raises it himself.  JUST LET HIM MAKE THE DAMN MOVIE PLEASE!  If this gets scrapped 'Margaret' style and it takes like six years for me to see this I'm gonna be pissed.  This day is making me angry.


  1. I'm annoyed by the delay, but not that upset. I was, however, this upset when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince got an 8 month delay, purely for financial reasons. Studios can definitely make bad decisions, can't they?

  2. Yeah, it can be really frustrating.