Thursday, August 2, 2012


Ok, so I was working up a review for Amazon about one of those undervalued gems of the early aughts, ‘The Rules of Attraction’ when I started turning the name Shannyn Sossamon around my tongue.  I miss this girl.  I remember when she came out, guns blazing and I was thinking “DAYAM she is hot” but she never really released anything of merit.  So I checked her IMDB page and found an interesting project of hers slated for next year entitled ‘Man Without a Head’.  Apparently she is playing a dancer who wants to have a baby and then…she turns into God?  I don’t know if I’m reading that synopsis correctly, but color me intrigued.  Anyone got any news on this?  She looks stunning in the photos I ripped from another website.  I really want to see this now!  See photos below:

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