Monday, August 6, 2012

Gatsby not so great?

Shit just got real...

Just in time for me to wrap up my predictions for July, I have to make a major overhaul because one of those 'heavy hitters' that was set for December is now being PUSHED BACK TO SUMMER OF NEXT YEAR!  I don't get the logic here, at least not the way they are describing it.  If the film really is as impressive as they are saying in the article linked above, then they would most certainly be pushing it for this year to compete for Oscars, especially since many other big productions are also being pushed to next year and this year is becoming more and more...empty.  Yes, I'm talking about The Great Gatsby.  I'm really bummed about this.  I had high expectations for the film (especially with regard to the Fistis) and I truly expected Fisher and Edgerton to waltz away with Oscar nominations.  These fields are shrinking.  I'm just baffled by this.  I have a feeling that the test screenings were not what they hoped for and that this is a hotter mess than expected.  That's what Baz does; he makes hot messes.  Thankfully for his fans, those messes are usually delicious.  I expect to lap this shit up, but maybe the critical world we live in will eat it alive.

Honestly, this makes me sad.


  1. You raise a fair point, this too struck me as odd! It's hard to believe though that Baz hasn't completely hammed this up. And also, I hope Edgerton get's some recognition for this role - I saw him in Warrior and have loved him since.

    After all the hype, I hope the Great Gatsby is actually good!

  2. Ugh, this seriously does bum me out. It was a bright, glittering spot on my winter film calendar. Can we hope against hope that they change their mind?

  3. I'm hoping it is the kind of hot mess I can stand behind, and enjoy. Baz is good with those, for the most part.