Friday, August 10, 2012

Because we love Russell Crowe here...

The first look at Aronofsky's Biblical epic 'Noah', starring the one and only Russell Crowe, is finally here.  Outside of the fact that Crowe is in this and I will be first in line for anything related to the man, this project really intrigues me.  Growing up in a religious household, I'm very familiar with the account of Noah and so this is really ripe for some cinematic greatness.  Couple that with the idea of Aronofsky going all sorts of 'Aronofsky' on the material, and Crowe's dedicated appraoch to authenticity (I always go back to that interview where he says he was bummed they passed him over for 'Shakespeare in Love' because he wanted to portray Shakespeare as an overweight drunk) and you have a film that is going to make me VERY excited and hopefully VERY happy.  I'm just pissed I have to wait over a year to see this.  BRING ON 2014!!!

USA Today has a story on this as well...


  1. Crowe's my favorite working actor, so I'm really looking forward to this as well. I just want him to get a second Oscar already.

  2. We'll be great friends ;-)
    I take it you saw my post a few months back about Crowe's big comeback. I worship the man.

  3. Haha. Indeed. :)
    Yeah, I saw it. I'm worried he won't even get nominated for Les Miserables, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. He still gets the jobs, yet it seems like he's been forgotten in recent years. That could just be because of the projects he's picked though. Here's hoping that this year IS his comeback.

  4. I have full faith in his nomination. The role of Javert is ridiculously baity. I don't know if you're familiar with the stage production, but it basically has everything you could ask for in a supporting player. I actually think that in the field he's playing, he could be sitting pretty for Oscar number 2 as long as he doesn't punch anybody between now and the Oscars.