Friday, August 31, 2012

August is over!

Wow.  This has been the single best month A Fistful of Films has seen, and I’m really excited for where this blog is going.  Blogging has officially become fun for me, so why stop now?  So now we look forward to the month of September and all that it has in store for us.  I certainly want to build on what I started this month, so expect more from the ‘Closer Look’ and ‘Adaptations’ series, and I plan on doing a full breakdown of last year’s Oscars before awards season 2012 officially kicks off.  This month wrapped up the Fisti Awards for 2010 and 1990 and I do plan on finishing 2008 in September and possibly 1991 and 2011 (ambitious, I know).  But, most importantly is a new batch of Oscar predictions.  Awards season is almost here and I need to get at least one more predictions done before we start getting more ‘clues’ as to where AMPAS could be headed.  So, expect that this month. 


Any suggestions? 


What would you readers like to see come in the following months?  August saw us garner a new follower!  I want more though (I’m greedy) and so spread the word!  Convince your friends to follow me too!  I want to reach twenty followers by the end of the year…that shouldn’t be too hard.




  1. I'm looking forward to your Oscar coverage and the Fisti's. Also, I love that you've started blogging more. :)

    No suggestions really. I like what you've planned, and I can't think of anything to add.

    Can't figure out why you don't have more followers. Will spread the word.

    1. You're awesome Josh, and thanks for the encouragement. It was actually your comments that motivated me to take a serious crack at making this thing really work!

    2. Thanks, and you're welcome. :) Happy to motivate. Keep up the good work!