Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fisti Updates

I'm almost through with 2007.  I finally posted my visual awards (Costumes, Makeup etc.) and should have the aural categories up by weeks end.  Then it's on to 2008, and I swear I'll finish posting 1990 and 2010 eventuall (this month, maybe).  I get so effing sidetracked.  Also, I have to update my Oscar predictions, and I swear that this is going to be about more than just a few random postings about awards.  I should be talking about film; right?

I recently wrapped up King of Devil's Island and I'm still trying to compose my thoughts, but overall I was hugely impressed.  The ensemble is outstanding and Trond Nilssen was just flawless.  The framing of each scene helped build a depth to the portayal of these young men that could have easily diverted into a genre film, generic and cliched, but instead felt enriched with deeper wounds.  It's a wonderful find and offers some stunning performances by the entire cast, which includes a paternally confused Stellan Skarsgard (possibly his finest performance to date) and newbies Benjamin Helstad and Morten Lovstad.

Just wow.


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  2. Awesome! Thanks for following and the kind words. I'll head over your way as well :-D