Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It’s a Willis kind of Wednesday!

Considering that I absolutely adore all things Bruce Willis, I found this read exceptionally wonderful.  Willis was at one time (in my early teens) my favorite working actor.  I just loved his charisma.  He was that macho man and yet he had charm to spare.  He’s far more charming than the likes of George Clooney, because he can back up his charm with this glimmer that means something heavier. 

While Clooney may charm your pants off, Willis will fuck the hell out of you.

LOL, I can’t believe I just said that, but it’s true.  Anyways, I’ve always considered him far more talented than he’s given credit for, and I love that this article (sort of article) really points to his undeniable versatility.  The man can kind of do anything.  From his comedic chops to his action persona to his dramatic heft, the man knows how to sell us.  Look at the way he folds in so many layers while trying desperately to help a young boy conquer his demons so-to-speak.  I really do think that ‘The Sixth Sense’ was a turning point for Willis and my perception of him, but his acting streak goes back so much further than that.  Seeing his dramatic chops was one thing, but that very same year he was all sorts of menacingly hilarious in ‘Breakfast of Champions’.  His work in ‘Pulp Fiction’ should have landed him an Oscar nomination alongside Samuel L. Jackson.  The way he maintains the cool while filtering in the staged paranoia was excellent.

Willis is easily the King of Cool, and he’s the supreme badass, but he’s proven year and year again that he is so much more than that!

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