Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I give up...

I seriously want to scrap my initial predictions, erase the month of April, and restart.  Having seen that trailer for Beasts of the Southern Wild and recently watching this trailer for Affleck's ARGO has me wishing I had waited a few weeks to compile my predictions.  Yeah, Argo is totally getting in all over the place, and yet I think I threw it a random Screenplay nomination.  So, I think, since I can, I'm going to scrap April.  Yup, call me retarded or whatever but I'm letting it all go and I'm compiling a new set of predictions to be posted next week. 

Let that marinade self.


  1. Hi,

    It's Solopop.

    Just asking to know, if you know why I was banned?

    I've sent multiple emails but no one is responding and I have no idea how to contact anyone else... thanks.

  2. hey Solopop. Sorry to hear that. I'm not a mod, so I really don't know why you were banned. I hope they let you back soon. Feel free to follow my blog and comment here all you like :-D