Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Film Editing Predictions...

1)      Prometheus

2)      Les Miserables

3)      The Dark Knight Rises

4)      Anna Karenina

5)      Django Unchained


6)      The Great Gatsby

7)      Zero Dark Thirty

8)      Lincoln

9)      The Master

10)   The Hunger Games

Film Editing is somewhat representative of Oscar’s favorite ‘Best Pictures’ and then yet again, there is usually room for a flashy film to break in here and even win (as we saw last year) without getting Best Picture love.  If you win Best Picture though, you are most certainly going to be nominated here, and so it becomes difficult because you basically have to predict five films you think have the greatest shot at winning Best Picture.

The Dark Knight Rises is not winning Best Picture, but The Dark Knight was nominated here, and the editing is sure to be dynamic, so I have a feeling that it’ll make it in.  Django Unchained seems like an odd inclusion here, namely because I didn’t predict it in my top ten, but this is Tarantino and the editing is sure to be flashy.

So that brings us to three films that I think have the best chance at winning Best Picture this year; Prometheus, Les Miserables and Anna Karenina.

Watch it be Lincoln.

Prometheus is going to be a technical marvel, and the Ridley Scott narrative I think will carry this far.  Besides, the original film is a cult classic, the sequel was Oscar embraced and the idea of Scott returning to his roots is salivating to many.  The trailer looks fantastic, and while Oscar usually shies away from Science Fiction, this may be a welcomed exception to the rule.  Les Miserables and Anna Karenina probably seem like much safer and more Oscary bets for Best Picture, and that’s why they are here.  Les Miserables is going to be an awards powerhouse, and Anna Karenina is so detailed and intimate that I feel the editing will be an essential part in keeping the film gripping; so if it’s done right it’ll be a shoe-in here.

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