Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So, I took a day...

LOL, like I needed one.  I did pretty awful in my predicting, but what else is new?  Let's just say that Dujardin and Plummer are LOVELY winners, and Streep and Spencer are gracious ones.  Ha, I really wanted to see Davis experience her moment, but Streep made so much out of hers that I can't help but be happy to have witnessed it (is there really ANYONE better equipped to deliver an awards acceptance speech?).

Alas, this was a decent year.  I love The Artist, even if it isn't my particular favorite of the year (right now it's resting at #8 for me, but this year was RIDICULOUSLY strong).  Still, it was the best of the nominees...maybe (I really liked Moneyball too, and they really are way out in front of the actual nominees).

Now that this year is behind us, we have a whole new year to look forward too.  I'm just hopeing that I don't get so tied up by end of year that my blog takes another nose dive.  I really don't take care of this like I want to.  Still, I have been chipping away at my Fisti Awards, and lets be honest; I'm kind of the only person who reads this blog and the WHOLE REASON I started it was to have a place to post my awards, so yay for me.

Speaking of...the 2006 Acting Fisti Nominees are being posted in just a moment!

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