Friday, January 13, 2012

It's been a long time...

I’ve been horrible about keeping this blog up.  I was so excited about staying on top of all the Critics Awards and then, just as the guilds started announcing my house sold and I had to move!  Now, I’m somewhat settled and can get back to giving this some attention.  So, I missed out on blogging about the major nominations, but I can still talk about the winners (at my own pace, obviously). 

So last night we had the BFCA announce their choices for the best of the year.  As expected, The Artist continued its domination and is pretty much set to win on Oscars big night as well.  Sure, things could change, but I doubt it.  My wife made a comment that it’s only because it’s new, but I think it’s vastly different.  It’s because it’s nostalgic.  It’s not new, it’s old, and it reminds the critical body of voters that mainstream film can revive that lost magic of Hollywood’s yesteryear.

The acting wins were a surprise.  I really felt that Brad Pitt and Michelle Williams would begin their sweep of the televised awards, but instead we had George Clooney and Viola Davis make good on their EW! cover and snag the top prizes.  I really don’t see Clooney winning the Oscar, at all, but Davis is inching closer to Oscar gold.  Her narrative is very big, and while I pretty much counted her out since Streep and Close and even Michelle seemed to have stronger backing (Close had sentimentality, Streep had the ‘dueness’ thrown on her name and Williams just had her moment) there is no denying that she is very much ‘in it to win it’.  Best Actress is a clusterfuck though…I mean, anyone could win (except for Tilda Swinton) so it’s still VERY MUCH up in the air.  With the supporting categories, I’m really shocked to see Spencer win, considering that the overall focus had shifted from her to Chastain over the past few months.  I was convinced that if anyone won from The Help, it would be Chastain.  Looks like I was wrong, but much like Best Actress, Supporting Actress is still really anyone’s game, with no real consensus.  If Spencer wins the Globe, I’d say she’s the frontrunner; but I still think that Chastain and Bejo pose a real threat come Oscar night. 

Christopher Plummer is, rightfully, winning the Oscar.  His speech last night was adorable and I think that genuine gleefulness in his tone and appreciation as he accepted his award sealed his fate.  They are going to eat him up, in a good way!

Moneyball and Midnight in Paris took screenplay honors, and I think they will most likely repeat at the Oscars, unless AMPAS really goes crazy for The Artist and doesn’t think that a combination of Picture/Director/Score is enough.

That’s all I got for now.  I’m working on compiling my final Oscar Nomination predictions, which I’ll be posting probably the day before the nominations announcement.  This is going to be an amazing Awards Season (it already kind of has been).

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