Monday, January 16, 2012

The Golden Globes!

So, last night was the Globes.  We had a repeat of the BFCA, actor-wise, with the exception of Meryl Streep snagging a trophy from Viola Davis.  The Globes love Streep, but even I was doubtful of her actually pulling off a win.  Poor Glenn Close…her perma-bitch face was hilarious to see last night…both when she lost to Streep and to Madonna!

I really hope George Clooney doesn’t win the Oscar.

The Artist is winning Best Picture, and Woody Allen is winning for Original Screenplay (which is kind of bittersweet, since I love Allen and yet I found Midnight in Paris to be only marginally charming and far less insightful than Allen’s true return to form, Vicky Christina Barcelona) and Plummer is winning Supporting Actor (YAY!!!) but outside of that I’m still on the fence. 

I still think that Streep/Davis/Williams all have a shot at winning Lead Actress and Chastain/Spencer/Bejo all have a shot at Supporting Actress.  Lead Actor is all about Pitt/Clooney and I’m praying that Pitt triumphs (his best work in YEARS).  I have no clue in Director.  Logic points to The Artist sweeping in here, and yet Scorsese has been racking up wins for himself and I still feel that, if he’s nominated, Fincher has an outside chance at winning in such an undecided year.

Now, we wait for SAG.

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