Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Romances, Old Flames and RUSSELL CROWE!!!

So, I’m in the middle of watching ‘White Palace’ right now and I’m totally in love with Susan Sarandon.  What else is new.  God, I’ve been in love with her for years.  Seriously, was there a better actress (or at least more consistent actress) in the 90’s?  She was brilliant in everything she touched.  She still is, but she really needs a really great film again, something that could remind the world of her magic.  She needs another ‘Thelma & Louise’, but that kind of magic only strikes once in a lifetime.


Anyways, I heard some interesting news this morning.  Apparently the rumor mill is swarming the new ‘it couple’.  Scarlett Johansson, my personal Hollywood crush, is ‘allegedly’ dating Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Now, I am normally not happy when an actress I’m smitten with is dating someone because, well, her ‘availableness’ and my wishful thinking clash, but I’m really thrilled about this.  I love both of them.  They are so talented and adorable and I think they would make a well matched couple.  Major step up from that talentless ‘body’ she was married to.  I hope this rumor is true.  The most exciting thing is that their names are not compatible for a cutesy nickname so we might not have to deal with something like that.

But then again…the work may have already been done considering that Scarlett’s condensed nickname, ScarJo, would work.

Onto other things, I rebooted my Facebook page the other day and say this update from Russell Crowe’s Twitter page (because I’m obsessed enough to follow his Twitter) that said that Anne Hathaway was confirmed for Tom Hooper’s big screen adaptation of ‘Les Miserables’ and I must admit that I am THRILLED.  Hathaway is so talented and SHE CAN SING and so I’m really glad that they are actually casting talented ‘singer/actors’ for this film and not just big names with no voices and praying that the Box Office saves the reputation of the film.  Of course, I can’t get through talking about this project without mentioning that RUSSELL CROWE IS IN THIS…duh.  The role, of Inspector Javert is a plum role for him and the prospect of him being up for a fourth Oscar nomination is just too much for me to bare. 

I love him!

Despite what I think about Hooper, and it’s true that my hatred for him doesn’t stem from his mediocre talents but more from the fact that he won that Oscar over David Fincher, and that really wasn’t his fault; right?  Anyways, he did do a ‘good’ job with ‘The King’s Speech’, and this cast is shaping up REALLY WELL, so I’m excited for what this is going to become.

Oh, and I’m thinking about cramming in ‘Melancholia’ today considering that I just saw that I could stream it on Amazon and I’ve been dying to see it.  I mean, von Trier is a god and Kirsten Dunst is one of the greatest actresses of her generation (she needs more credit for the string of amazing perfs she’s pulled out since the early 90’s) and, while I kind of hated ‘Antichrist’, I’ve heard some great things about this film, and we all know that von Trier works as well with actresses as Daldry does!

Emily Watson
Nicole Kidman
Charlotte Gainsbourg

Yeah, I rest my case.

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