Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Blogger

If I were a contestant on Project Runway I’d have been ousted a long time ago (like Anya, I can’t sew, but at least she can fake it), but more recently I’ve been feeling like last week’s dearly departed Olivier.  I have major time management issues.  Seriously, here it is the middle of September (no, I take that back…the last week of September) and I’ve only posted five of my August Oscar predictions.  Yeah, I totally suck at this blog thing.  I really need to kick into some kind of a schedule.  I’ve just been so busy, and I have this problem where I waste time doing nothing that feels like something at the moment. 

Me, piddling away at ideas for my blog...

Yeah, that.

Anyways, I’m trying to wrap up my predictions and I’m just going to lump post them this time since spacing them out OBVIOUSLY backfired on me.  I also am trying to finish up my 2004 Fisti Awards so I can post those and move onto 2005.  That, and I promised a friend a copy of my novel, which I’m currently pretending to edit, and it’s been nearly a month since I told her I’d send it to her.  Sorry Viv. 

Oh, and I just watched Meek’s Cutoff last night.  By god that was amazing.  So many words and I’m not sure which order I want to put them at the moment.

I’ll say this:

Surprisingly visual…emotionally compacted…ambiguously conclusive…masterpiece?  Probably.  I’ll have to mull that over a bit more, but next to The Social Network (undisputed masterpiece) and Toy Story 3 (nostalgia binds me), it’s the best film I’ve seen this decade (what there is of it so far).  And am I the only one obsessed with Michelle Williams’ face?  She holds so much power in that stare of hers.  It’s amazing.  Certain actresses have such gifts in their physical attributes.  Cate Blanchett has that voice of hers, and Kristen Scott Thomas has that body (her body language is brilliant).  Michelle Williams has her face.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Someone give her an Oscar; please.

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to figure out how to kick my own ass into grabbing the reins and creating a real blog here.


  1. Crazyfuck, here's an idea, why don't you shut the fuck up on AwardsDaily and get over Portmania like the rest of the world has. WE WON, YOU LOST, GET OVER IT.

    xoxo, Meiji.

  2. LOL, you always make me smile. So, you still trolling AD huh?

  3. I never trolled. I don't understand why they won't let me back, this Mara shit is excruciatingly derivative :(