Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Stuff

I posted my writing awards for the 2000 Fisti's, so that's up now if you're interested.  Um, I finally finished the Glee episode from the Superbowl and I am praying that Max Adler gets an Emmy.  Seriously.  I kind of love him.  He's taken such a cliched character and really acted the hell out of him.  He's so raw and real and human and relatable despite the obviousness about him.  I know he'd never win one, because the Emmy's suck (I mean, I love NPH and all, but choosing him over Mike O'Malley last year was ridiculous) but I can only hope and pray that he at least gets a MUCH DESERVED nomination.
For you Blasy, if you ever look at my Blog!
On a weirdly related note...I've developed a crush on my neighbor.  Um...don't ask me how they are related.

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