Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lead Actress Race: 2011!!!

I know that it is early, and I was going to wait until this years Oscars were done and over with before actually going forward with predictions of any kind, but with the new production photos of Meryl Streep and her soon to be seventeenth Oscar nominated performance in ‘The Iron Lady’ swarming the internet, I found it hard to resist.  It’s hard to know this far in advance, but it will take a tidal wave of catastrophic proportions to derail next years Best Actress Oscar race away from Meryl Streep and Glenn Close.  Two friends fighting tooth and nail for an Oscar, one the eternally snubbed striving for her first Oscar (Close) and the other, legend in her own time, trying for her third (Streep).  Who cares about the other potential nominees, right?  Well, I’ll be trying to put together a full list of my predictions next month sometime, but for now, here is a taste of who I predict (crystal ball in tact) to be duking it out for third, fourth and fifth place next year.

Glenn Close/Albert Nobbs
Rooney Mara/The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Elizabeth Olsen/Martha Marcy May Marlene
Meryl Streep/The Iron Lady
Michelle Williams/My Week With Marilyn

For some reason, this lineup seems most likely.  You have returning vets, a returning rising star and two newbies who will most likely garner a lot of attention and ‘next big thing’ raves for their performances. 

Rooney Mara will be riding on Fincher’s own coattails with his success this year for ‘The Social Network’ (in which she has a pivotal role) and the success this year for the Swedish version of ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ will also help.  It is an abrasive and attention grabbing role, and she seems to be digging in deep, and we all know Fincher won’t be shy.  It will be the type of performance that polarizes, I’m sure, but I totally see her landing #1 votes for it. 

Elizabeth Olsen is already making waves with the Sundance raves that poured in for her performance in ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’, a film about a woman who escapes the grips of a cult.  Add to that the fact that she is basically Hollywood royalty, what with her twin sisters being two of the most famous child actors in the history of the whole world (seriously).  Early word is that the film, and her in it, are spectacular.  You can count her into the ‘Ellen Page’ slot this year.

Michelle Williams is also going to benefit from her nomination this year for her stellar work in ‘Blue Valentine’.  This is her second nomination, and I have a feeling she is working steadily for a win.  A nomination next year for playing the iconic REAL PERSON Marilyn Monroe will only bolster her chances at a win with her next big performance.

But it’s all going to come down to Streep and Close, unless one of them bombs in horrific manners with their film and or performances; and then again, they nominate Streep for everything so I guess a total bomb won’t really hurt them.  I really think that Close will get this thing.  The whole look of the thing so far screams Oscar, and her recent regain of fame thanks to ‘Damages’ will only broaden her chances at a win.  I’m beginning to doubt that Streep will get a third Oscar.  She has two Oscars already, which is two more than most actresses working today.  She is a legend, yes, but I don’t think the Academy is as impatient as her fans to see her with another Oscar.

Honestly, as much as I LOVE and adore Streep, I can’t wait to see Glenn Close finally get what has eluded her for far too long!

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