Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The whole shebang...

So, the other night, while watching the horrendous 'The Ex' with my wife, something was brought to my attention.  My wife, out of the blue, says "I really like her".  The 'her' my wife was referring to was none other than Amanda Peet.  My first inclination was to cringe a bit.  I mean, I think she's ubber hot, but outside of that I don't consider her a talented actress.  My wife then follows up her statement with "I think she's really pretty, and she's a good actress".  Now, my wife and I hardly ever agree when it comes to film, but the minute she said "good actress" I recalled her Hitman obsessed Jill St. Claire in the underrated 'The Whole Nine Yards'.  The sequel was a total crapfest, but back in 2000 Peet stole the whole show with her comedic timing and steaming sex appeal.

"I'm really good in this movie, and not just because I get naked!"
So now I'm sitting there, anxious to rewatch 'The Whole Nine Yards' for the mere satisfaction of proving my memory correct, and so I dug out the DVD from the back of my closet and popped it in.  Guess what; she's just as good as I remembered!  With sizzling charm and charisma, and the right amount of maniacal OCD, Peet does her finest work to date (I know, it's not like that's saying a whole lot; but it is when you consider the performance).  I love the way she layers her character so thinly that you can see her excitement popping through her seriousness; and the way she made meeting 'The Tulip' like meeting Brad Pitt was just superbly executed.  UGH, when I think of the career she's built for herself (serviceable yet underwhelming token hot mess) it's a shame that the right script hasn't found her yet.  She proves in 'The Whole Nine Yards' that she's more than a pretty face, and when given a character that taps into her reserves she can really deliver a memorable performance.  Sure, most people remember her tits but there is more here to oogle at.

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