Monday, January 17, 2011

A Weekend of Awards Watching and Fist Pumping...

Well, not exactly...but sort of.  Just a few thoughts to rattle off until I have time to fully develop a new post.  So, it looks like the Oscars are really going to go to Supporting Actors from the same film...and I'm pleased with that.  Bale is just so freaking due it is pathetic.  I prefer Garfield's performance, but I would much rather see Christian Bale winning that Oscar, so I'm totally fine with the 'dueness' playing in here.  Really though, why in the world is Leo steamrolling towards that Oscar and not Adams?  Personally, Amy Adams was MUCH better in the film.  I liked them both, and Leo's win will be deserving, but Adams should win (not that I'd nominate either of them...since Kirsten Dunst SHOULD win).  Anyways...this isn't film related, but the best part of the Globes last night was watching Chris Colfer's reaction to his surprise win.

I wish I could find a photo...he was too cute.

Anyways, the usual suspects took home awards, paving the way for Oscar glory.  I wish the year end awards would become a little more exciting.  I mean, does Colin Firth's 'royalty porn' have to win everything?  What about Ryan Gosling.  I mean, they nominated him and yet they still thought that Firth gave the better performance?  I find that, odd.

I don't care as long as The Social Network wins the damn thing.  If it loses (ala Brokeback Mountain) to a safe and conservitive choice I'm going to be PISSED OFF!

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