Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The panic has set in...

So all night last night I was panicking about this blog.  I feel so far in over my head it's ridiculous.  It's not that I'm commitment phobic, although that was my first thought (especially since I was totally 'gung-ho' about this whole thing up until the point where it was actually posted and then I felt that warmth in the pit of my stomach, and not the good kind), but I think this is different.  I'm married, have kids, work a full time job; I'm certainly not apposed to commitment.  Maybe I'm a closet perfectionist.  I'm totally freaking out knowing that this blog is in early development and needs a LOT of work and maybe I should have done some of that work before posting my 'welcome' message, and yet again; I don't even have ONE follower yet and I'm not advertising this blog so maybe I'm getting antsy over nothing.  I'm over analyzing this whole thing; I know.  Anyways, I'm far from computer savvy, but I'll do my best and I guess that is all I can hope for.  I'll make this site my New Years resolution.  By January 2012 I hope to NOT be embarrassed of this blog.

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