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The Oscar nominations are in (as of forever ago but I’m at work and thus taking the entire day to construct this post), and it looks like I did ‘decent’ at best.  How in the world did this happen?  LOL, that’s what you get for sticking your nose where it don’t belong.  My last post was a ‘pre-nomination morning’ ode to the snub I saw coming; that of Leonardo DiCaprio, but I feel like I need to write a whole new write up on the ridiculous Andrew Garfield snub!  Sure, many will say that Christopher Nolan’s snub is far more erroneous (I mean, what does this guy have to do to get an Oscar nomination?!?!?!) but I personal wouldn’t have nominated him either, so I’m alright with the snub (sort of).  ANDREW GARFIELD ON THE OTHER HAND gives my favorite supporting performance of the year.  I must say that I’m thrilled John Hawkes was nomination (such a richly detailed performance amidst a sea of stereotypes) but I wish that his nomination had come at Jeremy Renner’s expense instead.

ALAS, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The nominees for BEST PICTURE are:

I got 9/10 here, missing ‘127 Hours’ in favor of ‘The Town’.  It just appeared that the support for Boyle’s film was waning, but the BAFTA love showered on it should have been an indicator that it was gaining the small amount of momentum needed to push it over the top.  It saddens me that with a 10-wide field the nominees were all so ‘expected’.  Even though I missed ‘127 Hours’, even I knew it was the ONLY other possibility.  Personally, I don’t nominate 10 films (it just seems to demean the elitist feeling derived from being called ‘the best’) but I have to admit that none of these films are bad (overrated, yes…but not bad).  For me, the notable snubs would be ‘Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Blue Valentine’ (FINALLY SAW THAT THIS PAST WEEKEND!!!), both of which should have found their way into a 10-wide race.  ANYWAYS, we all know that ‘The Social Network’ is going to win this (and deservedly so).  Yes, it lost the PGA to ‘The King’s Speech’, but Fincher is a LOCK for director, and I can’t see the constant surge of passion for the film being derailed so suddenly by such a ‘safe choice’.

The nominees for BEST DIRECTOR are:

I’m in shock.  I went 4/5 here but if anyone was going to get the shaft I assumed it would have been O. Russell.  Nolan seemed about as locked as anyone, and certainly more locked up than Aranofsky and O. Russell.  Seeing him snubbed again saddens me, despite the fact that I personally wouldn’t have nominated him anyways.  This is coming from the guy who gives him the Directing WIN in 08.  Oh well, we all know that Fincher is taking this in a cakewalk, which may be the most deserving Oscar win of the evening!

The nominees for LEAD ACTOR are:

I went 4/5 here.  I saw Bardem coming, but I had this hunch that Bridges, who just won last year, would get the shaft in favor of Robert Duvall.  I was really hoping for a Ryan Gosling upset here, but that didn’t happen.  Why didn’t more people see ‘Blue Valentine’ or at least blind vote for it?  Alas, there are snubs all over the place here.  I love Jeff Bridges, and I am all for this current resurgence of his career and the appreciation for it, but remind me again why his performance in ‘True Grit’ is Oscar worthy?  What about Leonardo DiCaprio or Jim Carrey?  Of the nominated five, I’d say that Jesse Eisenberg should win this HANDS DOWN, but we all know that Oscar loves royalty porn and Colin Firth won this Oscar last year when it was announced that this film was being released for Oscar consideration.

The nominees for LEAD ACTRESS are:

I actually got 5/5 here.  That fifth nominee was up in the air, but I had faith in Michelle and I’m so glad she nabbed that much deserved nomination (now, how about a surprise win!).  We all know that Portman and Bening are really the only two names to watch out for come Oscar night, and the closer we get the worse it looks for Bening.  Besides the fact that her performance is just ‘better’, she is so DUE it’s pathetic.  Anyways, I’m settling into the fact that Portman is winning the Oscar, and I must say that it wouldn’t be a bad win.  She was very good in the film (in fact, all of these nominees were good) and so I can’t fault her.  Still, she takes a backseat to not only Bening, but also Kidman and Williams (who should win).  I can’t really claim anyone snubbed here, especially since these actresses have been the ones to ‘hope for’ for a while now, but I will say that Julianne Moore stomps all over everyone here (minus Michelle Williams) and that Tilda Swinton NEEDS to get a second nomination soon.

The nominees for SUPPORTING ACTOR are:

I feel sick, and it’s not because I only got 3/5 here.  Yes, my big Rockwell surprise didn’t quite pan out, but we did get John Hawkes, and he was BRILLIANT in ‘Winter’s Bone’ so I’m really happy about that…but NO GARFIELD!!!  Honestly, Andrew Garfield gives my favorite supporting performance this year and he was royally screwed here.  I will say that I’m really happy to see both Bale and Ruffalo FINALLY get Oscar nominations, and I will be so ecstatic when Bale wins (even though I think Ruffalo should win this).

The nominees for SUPPORTING ACTRESS are:

I went 4/5 here, and I really should have swapped Steinfeld back in for Kunis.  I just had this feeling that the category confusion could harm her, especially since she wasn’t out front and center like Melissa Leo was.  I mean, can someone explain to me how Steinfeld is supporting?  Anyways, there are a slew of snubs in this category, especially since the only worthy contender here is Jacki Weaver, the one with the smallest chance of actually winning.  Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning…even Marion Cotillard were all better than these nominees…and yet, it should be noted that not one of these performances were bad.  Oh well, we all know that it will be one of ‘The Fighter’ girls who actually wins the gold, and my money is on Amy Adams, unless Leo takes the SAG.  Leo is winning everything now, but she wasn’t shortlisted at BAFTA, and so if Amy takes that over Bonham Carter I think we have our winner.

The nominees for ANIMATED FILM are:

I got 2/3 here.  I really thought that the ‘Tangled’ adoration would sweet Disney into the mix, but I was wrong.  I should have gone with the more obscure, but even I would have put ‘Despicable Me’ in as my #4 guess.  It doesn’t matter in the end, since there is no way that ‘Toy Story 3’ is going to lose.

The nominees for ART DIRECTION are:

I went 3/5 here.  I really though that ‘Black Swan’ would show up more in these technical categories (not embraced like I imagined) and the ‘Shutter Island’ snub is horrific!  If the more is more mentality prevails, then ‘Alice in Wonderland’ may actually take this one home…BOOOO.

The nominees for CINEMATOGRAPHY are:

I went 4/5 here, missing ‘The King’s Speech’ in favor of ‘127 Hours’.  I should have known that the big prestige drama would sneak into any category it could, but I tried to ignore instincts and go for guild appreciation, which I thought ’127 Hours’ had, at least in this category.  I think that ‘Inception’ or ‘Black Swan’ will take this; but a Deakins win is certainly due, so ‘True Grit’ may squeeze a solitary win in this category come Oscar night.

The nominees for COSTUME DESIGN are:

I went 3/5 here.  Wow, I totally underestimated ‘The Tempest’ beings that I never heard anything about the film (obscure films do get random nominations in these technical categories, even if they never win).  I also underestimated ‘I Am Love’ but I am OVERJOYED that it showed up here since it is currently my personal winner!  I really thought ‘Black Swan’ had this nomination in the bag, but I was very wrong.  I would have also liked to see ‘Inception’ up here, as the costumes in that films were very well executed.  I have this horrible feeling that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is going to win this thing.

The nominees for DOCUMENTARY FEATURE are:

Talk about a major shock; I was under the impression that ‘Waiting for Superman’ was winning this in a cakewalk and it wasn’t even nomination!  I got 3/5 here.  This could go anyway, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a battle between ‘Inside Job’ and ‘Restrepo’.

The nominees for FILM EDITING are:

I went 4/5 here.  The lack of ‘Inception’ here (OF ALL CATEGORIES) is ridiculous, especially since that film was all about those sharp edits.  I thought that ‘Inception’ was the frontrunner here and now it isn’t even nominated.  I guess this will be another notch in ‘The Social Network’s belt.  Deserved, but ‘Inception’ would have been a better winner here.

The nominees for FOREIGN FILM are:

I went 3/5 here.  The biggest shock is ‘Dogtooth’, which I really thought had ZERO chance of getting in.  I hear it’s totally deserving in all its twistedness, but I can’t comment since I haven’t seen it.  I wholly expect Denmark to repeat their Golden Globe success, but then again, if there is ever a WTF upset on Oscar night, you know it is in this category.

The nominees for MAKEUP are:

Ha, I bombed here.  I went 1/3, only getting The Wolfman.  This seemed like an easy nomination (and win) for that Alice in Wonderland trainwreck, but it didn’t show here.  I assume The Wolfman will win this, but wouldn’t that be…weird?

The nominees for ORIGINAL SCORE are:

127 Hours
How To Train Your Dragon
The King’s Speech
The Social Network

I went 4/5 here, missing ‘127 Hours’ for ‘Never Let Me Go’.  I should have known better.  I was hoping for a surprise.  I really hope that ‘The Social Network’ can nab this, but I have a feeling that ‘Inception’ might swoop in for the kill.

The nominees for ORIGINAL SONG are:

127 Hours/If I Rise
Country Strong/Coming Home
Tangled/I See the Light
Toy Story 3/We Belong Together

I only got 2/4 here, and I even predicted 5 nominees.  What was with the ‘Burlesque’ shut out?  That was just weird.  Alas, ‘If I Rise’ may take this, but A.R. Rahman just won.  Maybe ‘Toy Story 3’ will get to add another win to their tally!

The nominees for VISUAL EFFECTS are:

I went 3/5, missing Harry Potter and Hereafter for Tron and Scott Pilgrim.  Eh, I knew Scott Pilgrim was a risky prediction, but I really thought Tron was locked up here.  Inception has this in the bag; so their really needn’t be 4 other nominees.

The nominees for SOUND EDITING are:

Toy Story 3
Tron: Legacy
True Grit

OMG, I’m so embarrassed.  1/5.  LOL, um…Inception will win though, so at least I got that right.

The nominees for SOUND MIXING are:

The King’s Speech
The Social Network
True Grit

At least I got 2/5 here, but still…this was pathetic.  Again, Inception should have this.

The nominees for ADAPTED SCREENPLAY are:

I got 4/5 here, choosing to ignore logic and predict The Ghost Writer as a surprise nominee.  I guess the Academy really like 127 Hours, far more than I gave them credit for.  Still, there is no way ‘The Social Network’ loses this.

The nominees for ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY are:

YAY, I got 5/5 here!  I had a feeling that Leigh’s film wouldn’t get the complete shaft; he’s always good for a screenplay nod, if nothing else (which is what happened to him here).  I think that ‘The King’s Speech’ will take this, but they may hand it to ‘Inception’ as a make up for snubbing Nolan in director.

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