Monday, January 10, 2011

A Decade of Acting Oscars

So I was going through some paperwork on my computer over the weekend and I found this list I had done mid-last year with 20 actors and actresses that I would love to see win an Oscar over the next decade.  Now, I already know that there is no chance in hell all 40 of my picks will win the golden bad-boy, but three of my picks are HUGE possibilities this very year, so that makes me REALLY happy.  Anyways, I only selected actors and actresses who have yet to win, since who needs TWO Oscars (outside of, maybe, Russell Crowe) and I tried to select actors who are either so overdue it’s pathetic or actors on the rise in Hollywood who have proven their worth and stand a good chance of achieving gold in the next ten years. 

And I threw in Blythe Danner because I kind of heart her and think the whole ‘mother/daughter’ aspect would be touching.

  1. Amy Adams*
  2. Annette Bening*
  3. Glenn Close
  4. Blythe Danner
  5. Cameron Diaz
  6. Kirsten Dunst
  7. Vera Farmiga*
  8. Maggie Gyllenhaal*
  9. Scarlett Johansson
  10. Catherine Keener
  11. Gong Li
  12. Laura Linney*
  13. Julianne Moore*
  14. Samantha Morton*
  15. Carey Mulligan
  16. Chloe Sevigny*
  17. Kristen Scott-Thomas*
  18. Kerry Washington
  19. Sigourney Weaver
  20. Michelle Williams*

  1. Christian Bale*
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio
  3. Colin Farrell
  4. Ralph Fiennes*
  5. Albert Finney*
  6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  7. Ryan Gosling*
  8. Bob Hoskins*
  9. Bill Murray*
  10. Liam Neeson
  11. Gary Oldman
  12. Brad Pitt
  13. Mickey Rourke
  14. Paul Rudd
  15. Mark Ruffalo*
  16. Peter Sarsgaard*
  17. Paul Schneider
  18. Tom Wilkinson*
  19. Bruce Willis*
  20. Ray Winstone

I want to be clear that Jeff Bridges is not on this list because I was pretty confident he was going to win last year and so he didn’t need to be included.  Had he lost last year he would have been included in this posted list at the expense of someone else, like Paul Rudd. 

I also know that there are a ton of deserving ones left off this list, but this wasn’t a thoroughly thought out process.  It was mainly my ‘spur of the moment’ need to list something.  I am happy with it though, since I love everyone listed and think they are all deserving of the gold eventually.  I put asterisks next to the top ten for me in each category.

And no, Natalie Portman is NOT on the list and I still stand by that, despite the fact that I have on occasion adored her.

And Johnny Depp is gross...

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