Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks: Married Couples Movies

Another week has gone by and it's time to talk about three more movies connected by a theme in Wandering Through the Shelves' Thursday Movie Picks!  I'm loving these, for it gives me something to work for each week, and the diversity in the lists each blogger comes up with makes for a really fun read.  So, this week's theme was actually suggested by one of the contributing bloggers, Wendell over at Dell on Movies.  

It's also a theme I take very personally...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In with the New Blogathon (hosted by Dell on Movies)

I’d love to say that I thought long and hard about this one before finally deciding on a ‘remake’ to feature here, but I’d be lying.  This was the first film that came to mind and it never left and there are so many reasons why this remake is so much better than I just, well, had to go with it.

Let’s get the formalities out of the way first.

So, I feel like a dick for dropping this ball, but I’ve been doing that lately, being late and shit for all these blogathons that I really want to be a part of and so I’m so happy that Wendell graciously extended his deadline so that I could participate (well, he didn’t do it specifically for me, but I was part of the problem that caused the extension). 

Basically, we are to pick a remake that we actually think is better than the original.  The only real rule is that we cannot chose a sequel (so no Spider-Man 2 was better than Spider-Man) and that we need to include the name of the blogathon (see my post title) and link back to Dell on Movies (which I just did).

So let’s talk dragons and tattoos and sadomasochists and David fucking Fincher!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I just thought there would be more…

I’ve been really nice today with my reviews and doting over certain movies that it’s time I go ahead and just even things out a little bit.

I feel like I’ve been hating on this movie for months, years even, but it’s really only been about a month since I saw it (maybe a touch longer) and it’s not that I’ve even said all that much about it, but because of all that undeserved love, affection, praise and accolades that it has been receiving, it feels longer, so much longer.  The thing is, I’ve been sitting on this review, trying to figure out the best way to express my feelings about this movie and it struck me as really odd that I just could never come up with anything.  I felt like I had nothing to say, really, and the bottom line that I drew was that I kind of had no feelings about this movie.

And that, my friends, kind of says it all.

The bear-necessities!

When the trailer for ‘Paddington’ (you know, the one with the whole bathroom fiasco) dropped last year, I got scared.  My kids cheered and talked about it non-stop for months and kept asking me when the movie was coming out and all I could think of was how AWFUL ‘Yogi Bear’ was and how I was probably already doomed to see that awful looking ‘Annie’ movie (which I magically avoided, thanks to a Grandma who bit that bullet) and I just didn’t want to have to see this movie, at all.  I never read the books, knew nothing of the character, had no nostalgic reason to care and it just looked like sloppy, obvious, childish nonsense; and I didn’t want any part of it.

Then BAFTA nominations happened and word across the pond was that this movie was, you know, really good and suddenly I was interested and hyping my kids up because this could actually be one of those kids movies that I enjoyed.

And enjoy it, I did!

Oh, the controversy!

So, we all know what happened here.  It felt like mere moments after the poster for the controversial ‘The Interview’ was released, North Korea declared war on The United States.  Not quite literally, but pretty much.  Kim Jong-un made it pretty clear that he was NOT happy about being the subject of an assassination flick, and he stated that if the film were released, he would see this as an act of war.  Then there was the Sony hack, which appears to have something to do with North Korea as well, and threats to recreate the atrocities of 9/11 on any theater that dares play the film.

Then Sony pulled it, got a LOT of flak for it, decided to back out of the hole they jumped into and released it anyway, and now the world thinks the whole thing was a ploy to pump up interest in the film.

Who cares, just see the movie because it’s HILARIOUS!

The dawn of a new day…

I have to say that not a single film this year has surprised me, in a good way, as much as ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’.  I have nostalgic love for the original films, because I remember watching them with my father, but other than a few catch-phrases, some interesting visual choices and that nostalgic feeling, I can’t say that the ‘Apes’ films are really all that good, and the sequels are atrocious.  The Tim Burton reboot was disgustingly awful (and my theater memories of that debacle still make me cringe).  Then they decided to reboot this AGAIN, this time with the incredible Andy Serkis and James Franco (who’s arguably incredible, too).  I was NOT about to spend money to see that movie.  I don’t care who you have in front and behind that camera, I do not have a great relationship with those apes and I don’t really care to ‘try to work on it’.

I divorced them as soon as I walked out of the theater on July 27th, 2001, and since then I’ve moved across the country, changed my name and pretty much wiped their existence from my memory.

I hate when films I have no desire to see because I’m convinced I’ll hate them turn out to have great reviews and legions of fans (a lot of whom were surprised they enjoyed it) and so then I’m forced to…see it for myself.

Now, I liked the reboot.  I did.  I didn’t love it.  I found some of it to be reaching a bit, some of it under-thought and the conclusion to be a tad underwhelming, but overall, it was a serious (and I mean SERIOUS) step up from that Burton nightmare.  I wasn’t ready to commit to anything, but I was ok with ‘hanging out a few times’.  Now that I’ve seen ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, I’m debating a marriage proposal. 

Like, I’m seriously thinking about going all Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton with this franchise (I really hope you get that reference).

The future and the past aren’t as different as we may think…

When I was a kid, the X-Men were kind of this unattainable awesomeness.  My father was extremely strict when it came to entertainment, and he found superheroes as a whole to be far too violent for a young boy to entertain himself with, and so for years I was only allowed to actively enjoy Spider-Man and Superman, two heroes that my father deemed tame enough for his son.  So, whenever I’d go to the grocery store with my mother, I’d spend the hour or so in the magazine isle reading comic after comic of X-Men adventures, praying that she wouldn’t catch me.  I didn’t own any X-Men action figures until I was around twelve, when my father started getting soft and pretty much just didn’t care anymore.  So, for all time now, I will carry with me this eventual victory over, what I deemed childhood oppression, and so because of that I will always love the X-Men.

When Bryan Singer brought the X-Men to the big screen back in 2000, I was thrilled.  I was fifteen and it was like the culmination of all things awesome about my childhood was being realized.  I was crossing over from boy to man, and the X-Men were coming with me. 

I’m not like this huge Singer advocate, but his presence was absolutely missed in that third messy installment.